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I like beer. No, I love beer. Enough to make it with whole grains. Sounds trendy/healthy doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it’s just a better way to homebrew resulting in a more commercial taste.  But brewing methodology isn’t the point of this post; my love of beer is.


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“He’ll turn that frown upside down or he’ll slice you a new one!”

One can understand how, after almost ten months of “sips”, “tastes” and “samplers” I was ready to plow through pints of my own and others’ barley and hops goodness without a care in the world. Yes it is more than nine months, and yes I was counting.  So imagine my realization that Baby M is going to want to breastfeed hourly.  A beer renders my milk tainted for roughly an hour. Doesn’t take a former math teacher to realize this made beer (wine, margarita, bourbon etc,) impossible EVEN AFTER I WAS DONE BEING PREGNANT.  Why this didn’t cross my mind before, I don’t know.

At first she was willing to take a bottle. Kind of, but not in the appropriate beer-drinking times, like happy hour through the late dinner hour.  Having a beer then would result in momentary bliss (me) followed by a hungry screaming baby who kind of has a bottle but impatiently waits around (without sleeping) for me to be able to get her the white gold right from the tap. And I don’t blame her – one of the most frustrating things about Utah’s utterly stupid liquor laws is that no establishment can carry draft beer above 4% ABV.  But that’s a rant for another time.

Eventually M got on a schedule, and eventually that schedule was feeding less often than every hour.  WooHoo! Along with that came her utter refusal to accept anything but draft.  Boo! Again, I don’t blame her, but MAMA WANTED BEER.

See, I’m not an alcoholic (I know, denial etc.); I gave it up for almost a year without crying (often). But to enjoy that one pint was all I was asking.  See, there is a time of day when it would be “too soon”, like lunch. Or is it? Anyhow, looking for a more acceptable time that I could safely enjoy the beer (as in, not chug it) but still know I wasn’t passing on my “passion” to Baby M, I finally figured out that after the 3:30 pm feeding there is a nap, followed by a 5:30 feeding.  Therefore (again, easy math) I have roughly a half-hour to enjoy the beer followed by an hour to clear it.  Hence, each day’s 3:30 feed is a triathlon of feed, pour, drink.  If I don’t nail the transitions I lose valuable time.  This is my Beer Window and I have to use it wisely.

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