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I joined Pinterest under duress.  I like the funny pictures of cats and the slow-cooker recipes that allow me to go outside and play. Sometimes with Baby M, sometimes by myself and hopefully with Jonathan. I breastfeed because it’s cheap, convenient and good for her, not to make other people feel bad.  I brew milk every day and beer on weekends.

M’s first powder day

I eat wheat and I don’t do yoga.  I love meat on a Ron Swanson level.  I have strong opinions about the people who ride bicycles both for fun and for a living, and I own more bikes and skis than I want to count. But I could count if I wanted too because I also count myself in the 1% of people who CAN do math.

I started a blog because my Facebook posts are too long.



2 thoughts on “Not another mommy blog

  1. Diane Modock

    Love the blog! I would much rather read your blog since there is just getting to be too much junk on FB. I’m interested in my friends and not all the ads and political rants that take too much time to wade through. So I’ll be back to catch up on what JD is doing!

  2. dave decker

    What ever happens keep brewing, drink with friends, stay active, drink some more, love that baby! I would write more but I am fighting two boys for my own drinking time.


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